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Verandah Folk and Roots

This event has passed!

Perth Folk and Roots Club is back with the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts in presenting Verandah Folk and Roots, on Sunday 14th July 2019 with Town of Victoria Park support.

The performances are from 4pm to 7pm at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, 12 Kent Street, East Victoria Park and all are welcome. For this event, the Perth Folk and Roots Club has Twa Corbies, Izzy and a duet of Keith Anthonisz and Paul Homewood.

‘The Perth Folk and Roots Club has more musicians for Victoria Park audiences on Sunday 14th July‘, said Keith Anthonisz, President of the Perth Folk and Roots Club.

Twa Corbies spring from the rich cultural legacy of Ireland and the British Isles, cross-pollinated by the traditional music of India and of the Orient. The result is a fertile grove of traditional and original songs, speaking the timeless narrative of the human condition. Mahon McCarthy grew up in Ireland, steeped in the history and traditions of the Emerald Isle. He is an innovative multi-instrumentalist, singer, poet and artist who loves to step into the unknown.

Branan Silvius is an Australian born musician of Celtic ancestry. After traveling and collecting a repertoire of songs and stories from the British Isles and beyond, he turned his focus to Classical Indian music, studying Dhrupad singing in the age-old master-disciple relationship in India. He plies his skills in vocal improvisation, drumming and arrangement, gathered from 30 years of musical experience.

Twa Corbies have been playing around Fremantle including the Gaslight Club, the Habitue Café and Victoria Quay and it’s a treat to bring them to Victoria Park. Izzy is a female drummer come guitarist who has played with a number of roots based bands including Kim Bettenay and the Passing Strays and the Moonshine Stills. Izzy is known as a two hand Texas shuffle blues drummer.

Izzy has played at Moondyne Joes and shows are also planned for A DAY in the FORREST festival in Glenn Forrest on 15 December 2018. Izzy plays laid back acoustic roots music with a picking style reminiscent of Greenwhich Village folk music and is inspired by Mississippi John Hurt and Bob Dylan.

‘The Perth Folk and Roots Club looks forward to the next Verandah Folk and Roots at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts with Twa Corbies and Izzy’, said Keith Anthonisz.


4.00 - 7.00pm Sunday, 14 July


Victoria Park Centre for the Arts
12 Kent Street
Victoria Park, Western Australia


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