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Variations of Style Urban Art Exhibition

This event has passed!

Variations of Style is an Urban art exhibition where artists from Australia and the world come together with one common goal - to showcase their artwork without any boundaries, their only restriction to produce work in their original style. This exhibition will be held at Whitespace Gallery in Fremantle opening Friday 25th October and running until the 3rd November.

The commissions from the sale of artworks and any proceeds from the event will be donated to SEWL for Animals, a non-for-profit organization that is planning to open an animal sanctuary in Gujrat, India. Many stray dogs, cats and other animals don’t have a good quality of life and often die from preventable illness and injury. SEWL plans to have the sanctuary set up so that any disabled, ill and stray animals can get the medical attention they need and a place for them to call home.

The artists involved are from all career levels, some with up to 33 years experience in Urban art, some who are exhibiting their work for the very first time. The exhibition is curated by Alexander Sazar McKie who is a Perth based artist and hosted by Early B and DJ Silence.

We will be hosting a raffle to raise money for SEWL for Animals with the winner leaving with an original Sazar artwork to take home.

ArtbyDestroy - ArtbyRow - Asmoe (Malaysia) - Axsup
Bafle - Basix - Biz - Bone Alfie (Malaysia) - Brad Loafer
Cairo - Chris Carey - Dash88 - Deks - Dlae - Dmerc - Ecks
Ethicks - Facter - Frenzie - Fuse - Haser (New Zealand)
HoboTrevor - Honey John - Hope - Ill Whithers - Ishk
Jefr (Malaysia) - Kane - Katun (Malaysia) - Ketones6000
Kmere - Knock - Kzam - Lady Bananas - Ledis (France)
Marielle flood - Marine - Mistery - Mooz (INDIA)
Mr Whodini - Newba (Malaysia) - NME (India) - Omens
Phont design - Pixels - Poise - Pore -RaenCoplin - Rifs
RunoftheMill - Sazar - Shime -Siem - Slac Satu (Singapore)
Stains - Steve Cross - Stopem - Straker -Swupe - Tarns
Treble - Vic the bitter - Wiz -Zake (India)

Opening night 25th October 6pm - Art Raffle drawn at 9pm
Hosted be EARLY B and DJ Silence

Exhibition open 10am till 6pm 26th October till November 3rd


Friday, October 25 – Sunday, November 03, 2019


Whitespace Gallery
1 Pakenham St
Fremantle, Western Australia


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