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Turner Gallery November Exhibitions Part 1

This event has passed!

Helen Britton and David Bielander are showcasing new jewellery, objects and works on paper in our Main Gallery and Engine Room 1. Team 2 consists of Anna Nazzari and Erin Coates, exhibiting drawings, scrimshaw and ceramic works in Engine Room 2. We are thrilled to be working with such exciting and high calibre artists in our last exhibitions for 2019.


Helen Britton and David Bielander have shared atelier space and life for 20 years in Germany and Australia, and are known predominantly for their autonomous practices as jewellers. Both artists engage however in a diversity of artistic forms, addressing from different angles a niche of artistic practice that has formed outside classic genres.

They often source their ideas from mutual experiences; conversations, books, exhibitions films and travel, each going on to interpret the subject matter that has crossed both their paths in their own unique way. The dialogue between the works is not a result of direct and deliberate communication but a digesting of collective experience set out in this space to form an associative network of connections.

Both share a very sophisticated and deeply understood relationship to materiality and skill, which is used to explore the themes of desire, excess, humour, trickery, ambiguity and identity as encountered in everyday life.

Helen Britton and David Bielander will be joining us in Perth for this joint exhibition, and for Helen to undertake a residency with Turner Galleries, proudly sponsored by the Turner Galleries Art Angels and the North Metropolitan TAFE.

Helen and David are represented by Gallery Funaki in Melbourne. 



In Fauna Flesh Flora, local artists Erin Coates and Anna Nazzari explore the Oceanic Gothic via the surreal physiology of local marine flora and fauna. The abyssal benthic zone of the ocean becomes an uncanny valley, where life forms take on human qualities and interspecies consciousness manifests.

The artists’ sculptural works, drawings and watercolours depict hybridised creatures in strange environments that subtly allude to humanity’s evolutionary, oceanic origins. Their work simultaneously draws from biology and the film genre of body horror to consider the abject qualities of real and imagined corporeal forms. Fauna Flesh Flora highlights the interconnectedness of marine ecosystems and the artists growing awareness of the impact human beings have on the deepest and most remote parts of the ocean.

Coates and Nazzari have collaborated on projects for several years, including the award winning short film Cetaphobia (2015), and Dark Water (2019). They have recently been selected to show together at the 2020 Adelaide Biennale. Coates and Nazzari also have well respected solo art practices and an extensive exhibition history.


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Tuesday, November 12 – Saturday, November 23, 2019


turner galleries
470 William Street
Northbridge, Western Australia


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