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THRONES – GoT inspired Immersive Theatre and Dinner show

This event has passed!

Immersive and Interactive Theatre inspired by GoT with over 12 actors

Adaptation of King Joffrey’s Wedding Feast – presented by EdgyX PTY Ltd


Iron Throne commissioned for event forged with hundreds of iron swords

Key Characters - Joffrey’s Wedding Feast
Knights in bloody combat using real iron swords
Real doves released from Giant Pie
Knighting ceremony
Fire Breather
Belly Dancers
Shamadan Dancer
Sword Swallower
Jousting tournament

Faith Militant who punishes the unholy with public Floggings

Poisoning of the King
Death by Combat scene
Tug of War
Medieval Dancing

Unique set with medieval style wooden tables, Solid Brass goblets and pewter table ware

Unique set with red and Gold Marquees, banners and

GoT inspired cocktails

3 Course GoT inspired Meal


By the team who brought you Santa’s Enchanted Wardrobe and Wizards Fantastic Feast - this GoT inspired immersive theatre event blurs the boundaries between actor and audience - a new and exciting emerging form of theatre that brings the audience into the story in a much more participative, real and compelling way. The immersive production is based around King Joffrey’s wedding Feast with all the drama and entertainment that you would expect to see at a Medieval GoT inspired Fantasy wedding!

The Experience

You are cordially invited to attend King Jaffreys Wedding! Join us in a Game of Thrones inspired immersive and interactive Theatre/Dining experience with bar.

As a guest at King Jaffreys wedding you will get to experience what it’s like to be at a Medieval Fantasy GoT inspired wedding feast, with all the entertainment that has been organised in his honour with fire breathers, bloody and brutal Knights in combat, Jousting tournament by the Kings jesters and a giant Pigeon Pie full of surprises and much, much more! However, all is not as it seems, as a wedding guest there will be intrigue and plotting against the king and you may find yourself at the mercy of the crown for high Treason – perhaps a trial by combat is on the cards! With a visit or two from the Faith Militant looking for those who have been partaking in lewd and unholy acts you can expect to be punished accordingly so be sure you have been behaving yourself! And of course, King Jaffrey will be looking for champions for his lady so brave and courageous Lords attending the wedding may don the Knights armour and wield a sword to the cheering of the crowds!

Enjoy a 3-course meal (set menu) as you take part in this amazing GOT inspired event with a cast of over 12 key actors and performers and a breath-taking Medieval Fantasy Set with opulent red and gold banners and medieval style tables and table ware for your ultimate immersive experience! This one is not to be missed! Ticket Price includes Theatre Performance and 3 course meal.

Dates: Sat 3rd Aug/Sun 4th Aug/Sat 10th Aug/Sun 11th Aug
Location: Rigby’s Courtyard Bar, 221 St Georges Tce, Perth


Facebook Link THRONES

Ticketek Link


7.00pm Saturday, August 10 – 10.00pm Sunday, August 11, 2019


Rigby’s Courtyard Bar
221 St Georges Tce
Perth, Western Australia


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