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The Courageous Path of Regret Free Living

This event has passed!

To celebrate the launch of her latest book, Bloom, international author of global phenomenon blog and book, The Five Regrets of The Dying, Bronnie Ware will be touring Australia this May supported by Talking Sticks, with her empowering event, The Courageous Path of Regret Free Living.

This unique event full of thought-provoking and self-reflective content, will be delivered through the magic of music, meditation and captivating storytelling, as Bronnie shares with her audience her personal journey of courage, surrender and breaking through the upper limits. This includes a kaleidoscope of life experiences, including living with a serious auto-immune disease.

“Whether you’re a time poor parent, busy, highflying corporate or simply seek to find greater possibilities in your life, this event is for you,” explains Bronnie, “In a digital world where we’re constantly connected, constantly busy, constantly accessible, this event provides an opportunity to stop, disconnect from busyness and reconnect with yourself, and have some fun in the process.” According to Bronnie, the world in which we live is changing quickly, and the future is radically different from our current lives, “As humans, we need to fully understand the gift of life and how even crazy, unexpected curve balls are loving opportunities to grow and blossom into who we are truly meant to be, so we can contribute fully to the world in which we live. Our survival depends upon it.”

The three-hour event offers the audience strength to create a regret free existence. “My lessons are universal, even though the specifics can be individual. There are blessings in whatever challenges unfold on our paths. This event is an exciting opportunity to discover the tools for opening your eyes to those blessings.”

An authentic storyteller, Bronnie will use the power of voice and the aid of written exercises to inspire her audience to recognise their heart’s voice and how it calls them. Bronnie will help her audience recognise their upper limits and teach them the steps to allow themselves to surrender to all of life’s experiences with courage and fearlessness. Bronnie will help her audience to create workable steps towards lasting change.


7.00 - 10.00pm Saturday, 20 May, 2017


WA Maritime Museum
Victoria Quay, Peter Hughes Dr
Fremantle, Western Australia


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