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Stereosonic 2013

This event has passed!

Totem Onelove Group, Hardware and Onelove are thrilled to announce that Stereosonic Music Festival will be expanding to a two-day festival showcase across the country, to celebrate the festival’s fifth anniversary as a national event. 

Cementing Stereosonic’s position as one of the best festivals in the world, the change in experience follows a growing trend across the globe for dance music festivals. 

The expanded format has enabled Stereosonic to deliver the biggest EDM lineup Australia has ever seen. Patrons will witness headline acts that have never before shared the stage and experience a festival environment like no other. 

Stereosonic Promoter and a Director of Totem Onelove, Richie McNeill, is thrilled with the announcement: “We wanted to reward our patrons for their support, feedback and loyalty. What better way to do this than expand our festival and cement Stereosonic, and Australia as a leader in dance music. We are pushing the envelope. Stereosonic fans will experience the greatest EDM lineup Australia has ever seen.” 

The most passionate dance music fans in Australia attend Stereosonic. The festival marks the start of summer with patrons celebrating finishing exams, assignments and the end of another year.

Patrons will buy a two-day ticket, which will allow them access to Stereosonic on both days in their allocated city. No camping is permitted.
 The value of the ticket will increase slightly, commencing at $199.95, to ensure that patrons enjoy an additional day of entertainment for less than half a ticket more. 

Held annually in November and December in five major capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, Stereosonic is an over 18s electronic music festival that delivers a diverse lineup that spans all genres of dance music.
In 2012, Stereosonic attracted over 200,000 fans across the country and continued to showcase premium international acts and support emerging local artists. 


  • Black & Blunt
  • Jump The Gun
  • Slumberjack – Live
  • The Substance – Live
  • Get More
  • Ace Basik
  • Killafoe
  • Zelimir
  • Axen
  • Chiari
  • Kill Dyl – Live
  • Mono Lisa & Chach Vader
  • Sir Lancealot & Flex
  • Kastel
  • Hykus
  • Kenny L
  • Kevin Charm
  • Dr Willis
  • Illuminor
  • GeRmAn
  • The Barons Red
  • Gran Calavera
  • Dngrfld vs Oli
  • FTW
  • Reuben
  • Wasteland
  • JJ
  • Frankie Button
  • Limelite Dj Competition Winner
  • Locky Mazzucchelli
  • Slykidd
  • Tim Bowen
  • DJ Raji D
  • Darren J
  • Dorcia DJs
  • Rob Sharp vs Jay V
  • Paradise Paul & John Howard Sattler
  • Kevvy T
  • Samual Spencer
  • Paul Scott
  • Ben Renna
  • Timbee
  • Nik Nak
  • Luke P vs Carl Drake
  • Kyfer Bushe Jones
  • Boston Switch
  • Riseley
  • Death Disco DJs
  • Jack Masel
  • Valle Zoo
  • Fish & Patty Holliday
  • Vicktor
  • Troy Divison
  • Grizzly
  • Slickenside
  • Chris Fouracres
  • Black Lace Brothers
  • Mo’Fly
  • Lukas Wimmler
  • Worst Critic
  • Vibez
  • Jai Twentyman
  • Herbie
  • Charlie Chan
  • MUV
  • Midsole
  • Ben Parrott
  • Fendi
  • Jason Stone
  • Boy Ballistic & DJ Shann
  • DJ Matty S & DJ Makka
  • DJ Ruthless
  • Elliot S
  • Green George
  • DJ Jewel
  • Scotty Knows & Bart Duys
  • B-Fix

Key Stereosonic Dates:

 Thursday July 4th lineup announced 

and tickets on sale Thursday August 1st

Tickets On Sale from Ticketmaster http://www.stereosonic.com.au 



10.00am Saturday, November 30 – 10.00pm Sunday, December 01, 2013


Claremont Showgrounds

1 Graylands Rd, Claremont WA 6010
Claremont, Western Australia

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