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Sion Prior - The Brightness of Your Rising @ Spectrum Project Space

This event has passed!

The Brightness of Your Rising is a collection of visual Ruminations on nakedness and warm light.

Light can expose what darkness hides from the human eye, but if a light is bright enough, it can also hide things from the human eye. Surrounded by the privacy of a black abyss, Sion Prior wades into a divine light whilst wearing only his birthday suit, skinny-dipping in the heavenly radiance.

The Brightness of Your Rising is an experimental photography project. The Spectrum Project Space is an ideal, safe space for Sion Prior to share and test out artwork that explores what it means to be vulnerable, flawed, obscene or many of the other qualities associated with states of undress, particularly in relation to male nudity.

This aesthetic and thematic interest in nakedness is closely coupled with an interest in the imagery of warm lighting in dark spaces, with its many effects and meanings.

With the spaces, lighting and subculture of the radical home churches he belonged to in adolescence as an inspiration, Sion Prior uses his camera and his own naked body to explore extremes of vulnerability and invulnerability. Through expanding his ongoing series of photographic self-portraits, Prior attempts to stretch his unclothed arms and legs across a breadth of emotional states, from humiliation to liberation from ascetism to carnal animalism. Connected to this is Prior’s longstanding conceptual interest in masculinity, sexuality and the male body.

The Brightness of Your Rising is an imaginary quest on the part of the artist to achieve a state of religious surrender and quasi-divinity through the humbling, risk-laden act of removing all clothing, and the evocation of the Christian aesthetic tradition of depicting holy things such as saints and haloes, and on the flipside, demons, hell fire and outer darkness. Conversely, this project was also inspired by the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi and Mahadeviyakka, and their mystic non-western views on religion and nakedness. Another non-western influence for this project was the fragility and grotesque beauty of the Japanese dance form Butoh - the "Dance of Darkness".

Website: Sionprior.com
Instagram @sion_prior


5.00pm Saturday, October 12 – 5.00pm Sunday, October 13, 2019


Spectrum Project Space, Building 3, Room 191 (3.191), Edith Cowan University
2 Bradford St
Mt Lawley, Western Australia


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