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Sigur Ros - Belvoir

This event has passed!

Valtari is SIGUR ROS’s first studio album since 2008’s acclaimed Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, marking the end of their indefinite hiatus. It is either the album they always wanted to make, or the album they almost didn’t make, depending on how you look at it. 

In English, Valtari translates as “steamroller”. It was an album painstakingly and forensically pieced together, miraculously forming a cohesive and magical work from disparate constituent parts. If this sounds unromantic, the results are anything but.. Something alchemical occurs when the four members of SIGUR ROS are in the room together, and while Valtari is a more “studio based” album than any of its predecessors (which usually start life as rehearsal room jams), the long hours of experimentation and unsentimental editing yielded incredible results.

So how will this translate on the stage? In times gone by, regardless of the differences between each album, Sigur Ros have remained constant in one thing: creating live performances that birth regret in all those who made the mistake of missing out.

'...it's not the oddities which mark out a Sigur Ros show. It's that those elements combined mean there is  something intangible and intoxicating created, that lifts you so you aren't sitting in a hard chair in an old innercity theatre anymore but standing in some big-sky, crater-marked landscape where everything - colours, textures, smells - is heightened and wondrous.' BERNARD ZUEL, SMH. 


This is an 18+ event.  



5.30pm Tuesday, 13 November, 2012


Belvoir Amphitheatre
1177 Great Northern Highway
Upper Swan, Western Australia

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