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Scitech After Dark 18+

This event has passed!

CAUTION! Contagious outbreak of fun reported at Scitech After Dark. This event puts you at high risk of having a good night out, attend at your own risk.

What is a pandemic? Join us as we examine pandemics in the form of viral outbreaks, global social movements and the spread of disease. Expect an evening of germs, bacteria and viral dance movements, plus a trip down memory lane through nostalgia centre as you revisit the timeless exhibits of Scitech. Oh, and did we mention there is a bar?

Catch a Planetarium show in our famous dome to explore pandemics in a social, human and digital setting, learn what makes an outbreak spread and what consequences this has for people and society. Visit our lab to discover just how dirty your hands or mobile phone really are as we look at germs in more detail.

If germs ain't your thing but viral dance sensations are, then chuck on some headphones and groove to such dance crazes as The Macarena, Gangnam Style and The Floss. DJ Pandemic controls the decks spinning some of the most viral dance sensations of the last few decades- with a bonus outbreak set at the end of the night.

Be sure to catch Professor Christopher Blyth in the Chevron Science Theatre, who will be talking about influenza and the ever-present global risk of a highly pathogenic new influenza virus. From history, to modern reality, Prof Blyth will provide in-depth insights into the virus and whether we can prepare for such an event.

Feeling inspired to combat disease? Take part in a live (fictious) pathogen spreading experiment or join in/watch as WA Board Game Association facilitate two games of Pandemics (Survival) – they will be battling virulent diseases that have broken out simultaneously all over the world.

The drinks will be flowing, fun will be infectious and entertainment endless. Tickets go fast, so secure yours quickly!


6.00 - 10.00pm Saturday, 19 October, 2019


City West Centre, Sutherland St
West Perth, Western Australia


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