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One of Perths most popular Christmas attractions returns this festive season with expanded immersive worlds to explore set in over 1000 sq metres, amazing holographic special effects and spellbinding new characters!

Inspired by the fantastic world of Narnia, Santas Enchanted Wardrobe is an annual Christmas spectacular for all the family to enjoy. On selected days this December, you are invited to go on a Christmas adventure like no other. Enter an enchanted world, filled with fresh pine Christmas trees, falling snow and the call of adventure deep in the forest. Mythical creatures await to help (or hinder) you on your epic adventure to meet Santa.  

Must-visit attractions include:
 Lucy Pevensie awaits you in the Professors house to bring you through the Enchanted Wardrobe to meet her friend Mr Tumnus
 Adventure deep into the forests of Narnia, with falling snow, real Pine trees and visit with Mr Tumnus in his Cosy Cave home. Mr Tumnus needs the help of the humans in rescuing the Elves who have been taken captive by Ug the Troll (Son of Ugly) at the White Witches bidding
 Enchanted Forest - Journey through the Enchanted Forest on your quest to rescue the Elves. See the fairies, Unicorns and other mythical creatures (Holographic special effects) and meet with the Elven Protectress of the Forest who needs your help in restoring the heart of the Forest – without it all the magic will be lost!
 White Witch – outwit the White Witch with the help of a little truth serum!  UG the Troll - Travel deep into the depth of the caves to UG the Trolls lair and rescue the Elves with a special mud cake to distract him!
 Elves Toy Shop – Help the Elves get the presents ready for Christmas Eve
 Santa Claus - Meet with Santa Claus and spend some individual time telling him about your adventures. There is also an option to have a photo taken with Santa.

Truly immersive and interactive Christmas experience which allows you to be part of the story. Immersive theatre blurs the boundaries between the actors, sets, audience and reality, creating a new and exciting form of theatre that brings the audience into the story in a much more real and compelling way.

All audience members become part of the story; however small their role may be. They may help overcome obstacles, achieve a mission or be an influence on what is unfolding. Although there is a storyline with a mission and plot, the performers intuitively interact with audience members. As a result, no two performances are the same.

Tickets available through TICKETEK


Saturday, November 30 – Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Claremont Showgrounds - Ellie Eaton Pavilion
1 Graylands Road
Claremont, Western Australia


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