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Opening to the Sacred Feminine – Women’s Yoga Retreat

This event has passed!

Enjoy the freedom found in a deeper connection to your own wise woman within. In today’s face-paced world it’s easy to become disconnected from ourselves. This can add to internal stress and can make it difficult to trust our intuition, express our emotions, take the right action, or live purposefully with harmony and joy.

When we experience underlying disharmony, it fosters more resistance each time we encounter an external challenge or difficulty. The harmonious union with our sacred feminine aspect creates the foundation for each of us to realise, bring to life and express our deepest knowing. When we feel whole, balanced and connected within, we not only uplift ourselves but also those around us. The sacred feminine represents our receptivity, our empowered voice, our ability to let go, relax and flow with life’s pressures in an unguarded, open way.

We can experience living with the absence of our habitual resistances. Nurture the sacred feminine through yoga, meditation and group sharing. The retreat will include: Opening Meditation – for mindful self-acceptance and connecting to the wise woman within.

Group Discussion - on the deeper teachings of the Yin principle, or receptivity, and how to bring these teachings into our everyday lives through simple practices.

Embody & Flow Movement - unlearning the tightness of our lifestyle to come in touch with the free-flowing state of being through body awareness and transmuting negative energy.

Vishrant Flow Yoga - strengthen and empower the body & mind, detoxifying the lymph system and grounding into the present moment.

Sacred Movement - move gently with music from around the world and remember what it’s like to celebrate life in community with other women.

Vishrant Yoga - restful and restorative poses sequenced to open the layers of the body for healing and deep rest.

Final Meditation and Relaxation – allowing all practices to settle into the body with a guided heart meditation and soft re-integration.

Teas, healthy refreshments and fun. 

Explore and experience the sacred feminine with these opening and relaxing practices led by experienced facilitators Kali & Prema and enjoy the lasting gifts of connecting with the yin receptivity within.

Date & Time: 18th August 2019, 10 am - 1 pm
Price: $59 (plus EventBrite booking fee)
Location : 64 Cann’s Road, Bedfordale 6112

To book go to https://sf819.eventbrite.com.au or call 0418 229 662

See all upcoming events at Restful Waters bit.ly/rw-eb-events or call us on 0418 229 662

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10.00am - 1.00pm Sunday, 18 August, 2019


Restful Waters
64 Canns Road
Bedfordale, Western Australia


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