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Judy Rogers Romancing Botany Exhibition

This event has passed!

Exhibition of botanical paintings.

Artist Judy Rogers has a knack for making us look, and look again. Her work brings a sense of excitement, drama, tenderness and even erotica to everyday life. Perth has very few truly original artists with the ability to shock us into seeing things differently, with a visual language of their own.

Rogers is in this class. From a distance her works look like photo-realist paintings. Close up they become cross-hatched drawings using lines to form faces and bodies, like the etchings of Rembrandt or Norman Lindsay. Look again and you see the drawings are on — plywood!

Rogers arrived here from Hungary 22 years ago with an artistic direction and style that was already developed. She staged a string of exhibitions and won prizes for domestic scenes as she employed her unfamiliar techniques with confidence and authority. Rogers has now taken to botanica, but she has not become a scientific illustrator.

“I don’t want to bring cuttings into the studio and rearrange them to mimic life,” she says. “The outcome looks like an open-casket funeral to me.” Instead, Rogers uses her well-honed techniques to create “portraits” of plants, just as one makes a portrait of a human being. Each portrait has an added poignancy because it is a painting of a familiar plant, just as she paints her family members. As an added twist she has taken to depicting our bushfire-resilient native flora with charcoal.

Geoff Vivian
Seven West Media

Free artist talks on Sun 2nd Dec 1 – 3pm.
Gallery Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm, Sun 1 – 3pm.


Wednesday, November 28 – Friday, December 07, 2018


Tresillian Art Centre
21 Tyrell St
Nedlands, Western Australia


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