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Hive Mind

This event has passed!

“First you see the light. Then you step into the light. And then, finally, you become light.”

On a quiet night in the sleepy town of St Augustine, Haley Woodward goes missing while hiking through Box Elder Canyon. As Dale searches for the missing girl, his boyfriend Austin is becoming dangerously obsessed with a beehive, believing it grants him insight into the true nature of the universe.

The community that surrounds Dale is crumbling, and Austin is growing ever more committed to his beliefs. Hive Mind looks at what happens when the person you love starts believing the unbelievable. Do you fight it, or do you step into the light?

From the award-winning company that brought you Bus Boy and Girl in the Wood comes a new play about the changing nature of community, and what it means to put your faith to the test.

Presented by Rorschach Beast and The Blue Room Theatre.

Buy Tickets – 08 9227 7005

Website: The Blue Room


Tuesday, May 01 – Saturday, May 19, 2018


The Blue Room Theatre
53 James Street
Northbridge, Western Australia


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