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This event has passed!

There once was a village called Night where people were sent to die.
Everyone in the village had a job. The most important job was Death’s.
A place for everyone and everyone in their place.

That is except for one girl.

One day a hospital moved into town. Suddenly no one was dying.
It was during this existential dilemma that an idea occurred to the girl…
It was never going to work.

Slaughtered and Served by Marisa Garreffa

Seasoned by Mondo di Corpo and the City of Perth

Plated Up by Katya Shevtsov
Stuffing by Joe Lui
Marinade by Jenny Vila
Infusion by George Shevtsov

Spice by Julia Moody
Dishes by Liam Murray
Garnish by Brie Rutter
Menu by Jessica Wylde

Supported by the City of Perth, Monash House, Andrew Umney, Guerilla Construction, David Gardiner PR, Mondo di Carne, Factive, Headphonic, K-array and The Blue Room Theatre

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Thursday, May 17 – Sunday, May 27, 2012


Opposite His Majesty's Theatre
834 Hay Street
Perth, Western Australia

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