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Clare Bowditch - Astor Theatre

This event has passed!

You were born to be happy – don’t you know that?

Dear You,

It’s not like I was unhappy or anything! Just, like, super tired… My hippie GP sat me down, handed me a tissue and said “Clare, listen carefully. Your body is your best friend, but you treat it like a machine. It is giving you a message: put down the goddam rocks. Yes, the ROCKS! In that SACK! On your BACK woman! The one you’re always CARRYing! You were born to be happy – don’t you know that?”

Born to be happy? WTF lady!? I’ve got a sack of important rocks to organize! I’ve got bills to pay! I’ve got a world to save! And now you want me to squeeze in HAPPINESS as WELL! WhatEVA!!!

Truth is, I’d been organizing and reorganizing that sack of rocks for years. What if I did just put them down for a bit? What kind of album would I write then? The pursuit of happiness though… isn’t that kind of seflish? Self-centred? Stupid? Isn’t the idea of lasting happiness just something we’re sold in order to make us buy more stuff? I mean, is it even actually p o s s I b l e to record an album on the topic of happiness without using wind-chimes of “whhhhOOOOOOsh”ing sounds even once? It is my duty… to try.

If Modern Day Addiction was about external addiction, The Winter I Chose Happiness is about the ones we hide on the inside: the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and why we’ll never change, without ever stopping for long enough to examine if that’s actually true or not. The result is a brilliant, beautiful, emotional album on life and love and the question of happiness.

The first offering from the album, the aptly named You Make Me Happy was introduced on Network 10’s hugely popular television show Offspring and the track as well as Clare’s performance has already placed her into the heads and hearts of a the show’s audience. “Who knew I could act? Certainly not me! Getting that role was one of the biggest shocks of my life!”.

Touring nationally around Australia, Clare’s live shows will be hilarious, heart-felt, one-off events, full of new songs and the kinds of stories that only Clare can tell.


Clare Bowditch
Single –You Make Me Happy – out now
New Album – The Winter I Chose Happiness – September 14


8.00pm Saturday, 20 October, 2012


Astor Theatre
659 Beaufort Street
Mount Lawley, Western Australia

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