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Intimate, autobiographical theatre | Squid-filled fever dream Jess Nyanda Moyle came to Australia from The Philippines as a dumb, fat, one-year-old baby in her mother’s arms.

That same year, and Australian politician famously said “I believe we’re in danger of being swamped by Asians.” Cut to a quarter century later: migrants to Australia are thriving in new homes, much like the squid and octopi swamping our warming oceans.

The politician is back in office. Jess has made a theatre show. Cephalopod is a true story of growing up Asian-Australian. It’s also a full-hearted, high-energy battle with the tentacles of colonialism, and a big, gushy, Pinoy-style party for strange and hopeful futures.

There’s karaoke, calamari, and Filipina fury. So join the squad (the collective noun for squids) and swim backwards with us (like squids do!) towards the queer love, self-acceptance, and rich, complex migrant stories of our briny, shiny, future. 


Tuesday, October 29 – Saturday, November 16, 2019


The Blue Room Theatre
53 James St
Northbridge, Western Australia


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