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CAUTION: Deadline Ahead (A comedy about procrastination)

This event has passed!

You have goals, you have plans, you have a brilliant future ahead. But you also have Candy Crush, Facebook, and 1,035 unread emails that you decided now is a good time to sort.

Welcome to Cristina’s brain, an entity of its own, with its own will, who’s convinced that the concept of time is an illusion and that it’s suddenly a great moment to read about it online. With a unique blend of solo theatre, character comedy and storytelling, this is a show unlike any other.

“The audience has no choice but to bow down before its new Jedi Master. Lark's a ball of energy. Guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself" - The Advertiser.

"It's hard not to love Cristina Lark. She's a talented comedienne. A delightful speaker and a great actress" - EdFringeReview.

"Cristina Lark is a firecracker with a mind that moves as fast as lightning" - Arthur's Seat.

"Cristina Lark is more than a comedy firecracker onstage: try a full blown fireworks display. Talented and very funny. A hilarious hour that was over all too quickly" - Chuck Moore Reviews

Cristina could be talking about being a foreigner, or a feminist, but she naively thought that in 2018 just being a human talking about universal themes that affect many humans wouldn’t need any justification. Huge mistake.

After hearing from more than one punter “Whoa! Can this woman talk!” and “How can you store so many words in this tiny head of yours?”, she realised that women still need to fight for their right to perform a 50 min solo show (which fairly implies it will involve a woman talking for 50 min) without being labeled “a woman who talks too much”. And after hearing that it’s “confusing that a show with a foreigner as the lead character is not about being foreign”, she realised that had she written a story about struggles to adapt into the British culture, she would “make more sense” than having written one where she is fully integrated in society.

Still, she keeps insisting that it’s important that people see foreigners and women (and foreign women) doing “normal things” (non-geography/background/gender-specific), to keep imprinting this message of normalcy in the collective subconsciousness until the idea is no longer “confusing”.

Actress, comedian and world-class procrastinator, Cristina Lark is now location independent, having lived and performed in London, Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh. Seems a lot, but she keeps being kicked out of Australia, since she can never find an Australian husband to upgrade her visa.

She’s bringing her unique blend of humour, sharp take on life and weird accent to FRINGE WORLD Perth for the first time ever with CAUTION: Deadline Ahead - A comedy about procrastination.

BE THERE at the premiere (or any given point in the near future).
WHEN Mon-Fri, 21st Jan - 1 Feb, 7pm
Rosie O'Grady's - 205 James Street, Northbridge


Thursday, January 24 – Friday, February 01


Rosie O'Grady's
205 James Street
Northbridge, Western Australia


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