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CANCELLED - Youth Week WA KickstART Festival


Welcome to the 10th Youth Week WA KickstART Festival! We are delighted to offer a range of free events across Youth Week for young people aged 12-26. This includes workshops, live performances, markets, exhibitions and talks that celebrate the artistry and background of WA’s best young artists.

KickstART Festival is created in consultation with the Youth Week WA Planning Committee and in 2020 there are 30 incredibly dedicated young Committee Members.

Each year, Propel offers an emerging artist the opportunity to program the KickstART Festival in collaboration with the Youth Week WA Planning Committee as the Creative Coordinator and this year we have been working closely with Kobi Arthur Morrison in this role.

The Youth Week WA 2020 theme is Koora, Mila, Yeyi.
Koora, Mila, Yeyi are three Nyoongar words that refer to three different points of time, Koora meaning the past, Mila meaning the future, and Yeyi meaning the present.

Koora – Past

Koora encompasses our shared and individual histories, and celebration of milestones achieved.

Mila - Future

Mila is the sustainability of our people, in particular young people and our future generations.

Yeyi – Now

Yeyi is where we are as our current selves and as a society.


All three points of time are equally important individually as they are to each other.

Youth Week WA 2020 celebrates Koora, Mila, Yeyi and places significance on paying attention to our histories and exploring our potential futures in order to understand what we should and can do right now.

The 10th KickstART Festival anniversary in 2020 further emphasises Koora, Mila, Yeyi, especially in the celebration of past milestones and the recognition of emerging young artists and their valuable contributions to our future. 

“These three concepts of time are universally relevant as they apply to many aspects of our lives as individuals and as members of society. We have operated through many traditions of our past and new traditions are created every day. With this, we know the beneficial aspects to celebrate and the areas in which we need to improve in order to ensure the best future that we can have together.”

– KickstART 2020 Creative Coordinator, Kobi Arthur Morrison.

Kaditjch ngalang koora wer nidja mila wer ngalang koorliny yeyi.

Understand our pasts and futures, we can take action of the now.

Youth Week WA KickstART Festival 2020 is presented by Propel Youth Arts WA, and is funded by the State Government of Western Australia. KickstART Festival is also supported by Lotterywest, City of Perth and Perth Theatre Trust.

All enquiries can be directed to hello@propel.org.au or 08 9328 5855.

#KickstARTFestival | #YouthWeekWA | #PropelYouthArtsWA

About Youth Week WA
Youth Week WA (formerly National Youth Week WA), is an annual statewide celebration of the positive contributions of young people to our community throughout Western Australia.
More than 100 events take place across the State each year, many of which have received a Youth Week WA grant provided by the State Government of Western Australia through the Department of Communities.

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Friday, April 17 – Friday, April 24


Various locations
Western Australia


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